6 ways to make your new football boots fit

The day you get new boots is an exciting one! But what happens when you put them on and they’re too tight? Here at MFC Online Direct, we feel your pain (and not just with the blisters) so we have put together our top tips to make sure your new boots fit perfectly. 

Making sure that your football boots fit right is an important factor for your performance during football training and on game day.

 If they are too tight – you’ll be in pain. If they are too loose – they could fly off when you’re about to make a vital kick. So how do you strike a happy medium? (no pun intended). 

This may sound obvious but making sure you get the right size boots is important. Forget about the rumours that your teammate told you about Ronaldo wearing boots which are two sizes too small because it’s not true and can be damaging to your feet.

When trying on football boots, you need to consider that you will be wearing thick football socks, so it could be worth purchasing boots which are half a size up, but sizes are pretty accurate, and you should get the size you usually purchase. But if you’ve found this blog you probably didn’t think about those things and you are looking for ways to stretch your football boots. 

1. Loosen the laces

Another obvious tactic, but often football boots with laces are tightened super tight. This can make the boots feel uncomfortable or difficult to put on (especially if you have wider feet) so one tip we recommend to try is loosening the laces fully. 

Once you have loosened the laces to a point where it is easier to place your foot in the boot, you can lace them up again to a tightness which feels appropriate. 

2. Wear them when you’re not playing

Wearing your new boots in non-play settings will help to ease your feet into the new boots and will help the boots mould to the natural shape of your feet. Completing everyday tasks in your boots will allow you to slowly wear the boots in before you use them in a gameplay situation. So wash the dishes in them, walk to the shop in them or just wear them whilst lounging in the MFC training kit.

Wear the boots with thick socks, or even multiple pairs of socks to emulate the feeling of what it will be like when you introduce them to the pitch. If you think that certain areas of the boots might start to rub and cause blisters, then you can cover those with plasters at this point to minimise the chance of sore spots. 

3. Dampen with water

If you still feel like your boots are too tight or that they feel awkward in certain areas, you can dampen them with water. Fill a spray bottle with water or directly pour water onto your boots whilst you are wearing them until they are damp. 

Use lukewarm water or tap water and make sure you are stood on your feet and moving your toes whilst you are waiting for them to dry. After around 30 minutes, the boots should have dried and will feel more comfortable the next time that you wear them. This may be a method which takes a few tries but is one that works. 

4. Take a shower

This may sound like a strange solution to making your football boots fit but taking a shower whilst wearing the boots is a method which has been used for decades. 

Taking a shower in your new boots and socks for 10 minutes and sitting in them whilst they dry can help shape your football boots. 

Only use this method if your boots are leather, and it must be stated that it can reduce the durability of the boots so must be done so cautiously. 

Submerging your boots in hot water for 10 minutes and then wearing them for another 30 minutes afterwards is a quick way to mould your boots to your feet (if you’ve already showered). 

Don’t use boiling water or very hot water as this can breakdown the glue which the boots have been made with and ruin your new kicks as well as burning your feet. The hot water helps to make the shoes flexible, and once they cool, they will set and form to the shape of your foot, making them comfortable. 

5. Use a hairdryer

Using heat to mould your boots is effective, and another method you can use includes a hairdryer. Whilst wearing your boots with your football socks, turn on a hairdryer to a high heat setting and heat the boots for around 5 minutes each. 

Avoid holding the hairdryer in one specific place for too long as this can damage the boots. You need to make sure that you spread the heat evenly across the boots as this will make the leather supple and allow it to mould to the shape of your foot. 

Once you have warmed the boots with a hairdryer, make sure that you wear the boots for a further 10-20 minutes whilst they cool to ensure that the boots set in place.

6. Stuff your boots

If the problem area of your boots is towards the toes, then you may want to consider the stuffing method. This is where, as you would expect, you stuff your boots with items to help them expand. 

You can expand the interior of your boots through a range of stuffing methods, and the things you can use are most likely to already in your home.

  • Tennis Balls 
  • Balls of newspaper 
  • Shoe stretcher

You can also try the freezing method, which helps to expand the area of the shoe by placing two bags of water in the shoes and then putting them in the freezer. As the water turns to ice, the area will stretch and expand, making sure that there more room for your feet once the bags have defrosted. 

You can also bend the boots by hand. Work the tough areas of the boots with your hands to make them supple and flexible ready for your feet. 

Now that you have snug and comfortable football boots which fit perfectly and make your performance that little bit better, you should browse through the range of training kits available here at MFC Online Direct. You can also browse through the selection of training equipment which features footballs, gloves and more for you to train with. 

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