Football Facts

Football pitch goal 03/12/2020

Everything you should know about football positions

With 11 players on the pitch, each has their own dedicated position and role to play in the beautiful game – but what are these positions and what is their purpose? Here at MFC Official Direct, we have created a guide which explains defenders from strikers and outline actions which certain players can and cannot perform. We’ll work our way down the pitch and start with… Goalkeeper  Main responsibility: stop the opposition from scoring. The most defensive player on the pitch. Oversees defence and advises play from the back. Can... Read More


7 things you should know about referees

Do you know your Collina from your Merk? Referees are vital to the beautiful game and are there to enforce the rules ensuring that all players are safe and playing a fair game (even though there may have been a few controversial referees that haven’t in the past). Here at MFC, we’re going to give you the facts you should know about referees so that you can impress your friends and maybe even win a pub quiz.  What is the role of a referee in football? This one may sound... Read More