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6 ways to make your new football boots fit

The day you get new boots is an exciting one! But what happens when you put them on and they’re too tight? Here at MFC Online Direct, we feel your pain (and not just with the blisters) so we have put together our top tips to make sure your new boots fit perfectly.  Making sure that your football boots fit right is an important factor for your performance during football training and on game day.  If they are too tight – you’ll be in pain. If they are too loose... Read More

Five a side pitch 24/09/2020

6 ways to step up your 5 a side game

It’s the one night of the week which is yours. The floodlights beat down, you have your MFC training kit on, and all your mates are around you – it’s the only time you get to unleash your inner Messi. It’s 5 a side night!  But do you find that you don’t always play the best that you can? Here at MFC Official Direct, we’re going to give you all the tips you need to step up your 5 a side game.  1. Be tactical It’s supposed to be fun,... Read More


How to Clean Football Boots

A step by step guide Putting on your football boots and working hard can often end with muddy results. What’s more, cleaning them can feel like a chore when you know that you’ll be lacing them back up in no time and getting back onto the pitch.  When you are heavily into your football, cleaning your boots can be the last thing on your agenda. But, what if by cleaning your boots regularly, you’ll be able to prolong your boot life? While you might not think that cleaning your football... Read More