What to do in Middlesbrough: A guide to making the most out of what’s on your doorstep.

Middlesbrough, the home of the parmo and smoggie accent. An underrated tourist destination that offers a unique combination of the contemporary and the historical. But Middlesbrough is so much more than its stereotypes, it offers an upcoming city-vibe with the town’s independents putting Middlesbrough back on the map. Home to just under 140,000 residents, Middlesbrough’s beauty is entangled within the contrast of the industrial against the natural.

Go to a football match.

Middlesbrough Football Club is a great way to get involved with the football frenzy whilst still keeping it local. The Riverside Stadium is representative of the club’s progressive thinking, ensuring its fans are involved in the process of Middlesbrough FC’s evolution. Middlesbrough football matches are family events and provide the ultimate excitement, evoking a sense of local patriotism. For more information on matches and tickets visit MFC’s website.

Visit The Tees Transporter Bridge: An emblem of Middlesbrough.

The Tees Transporter Bridge.

The Tees Transporter Bridge stands proudly on Teesside’s skyline, a token of the town’s industrial heritage. Since opening the landmark in 1911, the bridge has since become the longest working transporter bridge in the world and is now a grade 2 listed building. A recent addition to the bridge has provided its visitors with access to the top of the Transporter via a glass lift, showcasing a 360° view of Middlesbrough.

The Orange Pip Market

Moving away Middlesbrough’s history to the town’s more recent customs; The Orange Pip Market happens on the last Saturday of every month. It is an artisan food and beverage market which livens up the streets of Baker and Bedford, as well as Albert Road. The market is a celebration of Middlesbrough’s talents and displays a variety of local businesses, evoking a sense of community togetherness. It runs from midday until 7pm, creating a family friendly atmosphere which is ideal to fill one of those Saturday afternoon outings. 







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Annnnnnd we’re back! Save the date kids: Saturday 27 April, 12-7pm, we’ll see you there and we can’t flipping wait!! 🙌 😎 💃 #BrilliantlyBoro


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Where to eat in Middlesbrough.

Baker Street Kitchen, Baker Street. 

Whether you’re looking for a light lunch or a three course evening meal, Baker Street Kitchen is located in the heart of Middlesbrough and is the ideal venue to suit everyone’s taste. In 2016, Baker Street was named as a ‘Rising Star’ in the Great British High Street competition embracing those London vibes right on Middlesbrough’s very doorstep. Baker Street Kitchen hosts a variety of events, such as psychic medium and murder mystery nights, making a perfectly varied evening after indulging in some of the finest foods.


The Fork in the Road, Linthorpe Road.

You might wonder where to eat in Middlesbrough, but there is actually a vast variety of choice which covers a whole host of cuisines. Rated number 1 for dinner on Tripadvisor (that’s tea to us northerners), The Fork in the Road is a non-profit restaurant which aims to lend a helping hand to recovering addicts, ex-offenders and the long-term unemployed, training them up so that they can work in the restaurant. This restaurant is a great example of Middlesbrough’s community spirit, giving everybody the chance to unlock their potential and granting access to a second chance.

Where to drink in Middlesbrough.

The Nuthatch, Bedford street.

The Nuthatch opened its doors to Middlesbrough in March 2016 and rapidly grew in popularity, becoming renowned for its specially crafted cocktails. Since launching back in 2016, the bar has been so successful it has subsequently opened a branch in Stockton. The Nuthatch, a cocktail lovers’ dream, offers a quirky vibe allowing you to take full advantage of the Middlesbrough drinking experience. Be sure to book in advance of your visit, it gets pretty busy because those cocktails are just too good to resist!







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Some great photography from our guest of the ‘blackberry cherry sour’ 😋🍒


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The Artizan, Roman Road 

Built from humble beginnings The Artizan is a family run business which is slightly removed from the business of central Middlesbrough but nonetheless impressive. The bar is small and intimate with an unhurried vibe. Ideal for a pre-meal drink, The Artizan neighbours the restaurant Vine (which is also worth checking out!) making it a stress free walk from bar to restaurant.

‘The Artizan truly reflects the hard-working ethics and dedication that the tradesmen of the northeast have become known for’ The Artizan.







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Good times start with good drinks – we’re open from 3pm this Sunday! 🙌


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